Druppel Ashanger – Sterling Zilver

This ash pendant is made in a teardrop shape and made of sterling silver. Due to its graceful shape, people will not quickly see that it is an ash pendant.

The ash chamber of this pendant is closed. This means that the ashes are not visible in the piece of jewelry. You can fill the pendant yourself, or have us fill it. You will find more information about this below.


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The drop of ash pendant sterling silver is made of silver 925, also called sterling silver. Because pure silver (silver 999) is too soft to process, an alloy is added. An alloy of 925 consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal. This way you will receive a sturdy pendant, made of high quality silver.

This pendant is available in two finishes: glossy or matte.

The drop ash pendant of sterling silver is available in 1 size, namely 28 mm.

Ash chamber
The ash chamber of this pendant is closed. This means that the ash tube or ash chamber is not transparent. As a result, the ashes will not be visible in the jewelry.

Filling the jewelry
You can fill the ash pendant yourself. You do this by carefully filling the ash tube and then closing it with the screw cap. This is often easy to do by means of a small funnel, which you can also make from paper. After this you screw the cap and you can wear the pendant right away. Would you rather not fill the pendant yourself? No problem. We can also fill the pendant for you. For this you send a small amount to us. We recommend that you send this by registered mail, so that you are assured that we receive the ashes of your loved one. You will receive more information about this from us after your order. Of course you can also contact us if you have any questions.

Delivery time
The delivery time of the pendant is approximately 4 weeks.

Extra informatie


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