Leren Armband met Vingerafdruk en Schuifslot – 14 mm | RVS

This leather bracelet with sliding lock is unique due to the engraving of a print sent by you. This print can be a fingerprint, but also a print of a palm, animal paw or baby hand. It is then processed on the stainless steel slide lock by means of a laser engraving. This way you are assured of a unique and personal memento of your loved one or loved one.

Prefer a wider bracelet? This bracelet is also available in width 24 mm (M) .


Levertijd: 4 weken
Gratis verzending vanaf 35 euro
30 dagen bedenktijd
Persoonlijk contact met Theo, Paul of Esther van 09.00-20.30 uur
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This leather bracelet with fingerprint and sliding lock is made of high-quality stainless steel. Stainless steel means stainless or stainless steel. It is an alloy of iron, chromium, nickel and carbon, among others. Due to this combination of materials, stainless steel is virtually resistant to rusting. The sliding lock is equipped with a magnet.

This bracelet is available in width: S: 14mm wide. The size of the slide lock is 35.5mm x 17.5mm.

This leather bracelet with fingerprint and stainless steel slide lock is available in different lengths. To determine the right bracelet length for you, you will find below the way to measure your size.

The finish of the slide lock is available in two finishes: glossy or matte.

If you have a digital printout, you can send it by e-mail. If you have a print in rubber, wax or paper, we ask you to send it by post. We recommend that you always do this by registered mail. This ensures that we receive the print of your loved one. After the order you will receive the information for sending your print.

Delivery time
After receiving the print, the delivery time is approximately 4 weeks.

Measure bracelet size?
First measure your wrist size. You do this by measuring the wrist tightly at the knuckle. You then choose whether you want the bracelet to be tight, normal or loose.
Bracelet size tight: wrist size + 1.5 cm
Bracelet size medium: wrist size + 2 cm
Bracelet size loose: wrist size + 3 cm

Extra informatie


Glanzend, Mat

Lengte armband

16 cm, 16,5 cm, 17 cm, 17,5 cm, 18 cm, 18,5 cm, 19 cm, 19,5 cm, 20 cm, 20,5 cm, 21 cm, 21,5 cm, 22 cm, 22,5 cm, 23 cm

Breedte slot

14 mm (S)

Kleur leer

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